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This reason I put in last place, not because she is unimportant, but rather, because the stress and loss of appetite may be closely associated with health disorders. Stress, there may be both a cause and consequence of any disorder - is such a vicious circle. Various diseases, both explicit and implicit, are very often the cause of weight loss.

If your build does not have genetic roots, not excluded the option of the disease. With this should definitely investigate. People often lose weight even with the flu or any other infectious disease, because the body refuses to eat. However, there are more serious cases, such as hormonal disorders, parasites, tumors ...

If you find yourself at a loss of weight, you must first find out whether this is due to any illness. Therefore, loss of appetite, and weight loss the right thing will be to consult with your doctor.


Currently, obesity is a very common disease, so many puzzled by the problem of dumping of excess weight. And except for those who recognize the obese, there are those who are around and not feel fat, but they are concerned about their weight and just want to reduce it. Therefore the question of getting rid of unwanted body fat for health and beautiful appearance is very important.

The main indicator of obesity is the body's weight. Its very easy to measure, since domestic and medical scales for weighing people's common and available. Of course, the more accurate indicator is the mass of human fat tissue, but it is very difficult to determine. Therefore, the main indicator of obesity was and remains the body's weight.

For these reasons, the fight against obesity becomes a struggle with weight. And this is fundamentally wrong! Weight Loss rights does not always correspond to lose its fat.

If any man says that he threw, say, 5 kg of weight, whether that meant that he got rid of five pounds of fat? Not necessarily. Weight - the total, which is composed of fat mass, skeleton, muscles, internal organs and various body fluids ... Plus the mass of the contents of the gastrointestinal tract, which may vary within wide limits!

Consider a hypothetical situation. On the first day you ate and drank very satisfying and a lot, so on the second day you have a clear aversion to food. Therefore, the entire second day you have nothing to eat or drink. If you have made to weigh the morning of the second and third day, the difference between them probably would have been substantial - up to 3 kg or more. That is a day of discharge you would lose, say, 3 kg of weight. And as you would fold in this time of fat?

Not at all! After a binge on the first day of the consumed nutrients would be enough for the next day and even left, so that resort to spending a pool of fat depots is not required. Weight loss during the entire day unloading due to the waste of nutrients assimilated from food eaten before the evacuation of undigested residues, as well as loss
water through sweat, urine and exhaled air. So in this example, the loss of weight - 3 kg, and fat loss - 0 kg.

Another example. In hot weather, people can lose through sweat quite a lot of water. Water can be lost rapidly and without heat, if you take diuretic medications. In these cases, water loss may reach 10 kg, and fat loss, as in the previous example - 0.

Incidentally, this effect is sometimes used to deceive customers, some dishonest "nutritionists". They can give under the guise of medicine for obesity pills containing diuretics, the patient was satisfied with quick reset hated weight.

The course of weight loss

The course of weight loss with celery planned for 14 days, during which repeated twice weekly menu. The basis of diets of celery soup, which is supplemented by fruits, vegetables, lean meat, yogurt and rice in different variations.

To prepare the celery soup diet, you'll need self celery, cabbage, carrots, onions, Bulgarian pepper, asparagus, tomatoes, tomato juice, herbs and spices.

The first variant of cooking soup with celery for those who want to lose weight: the celery and chop vegetables and place in saucepan, add tomato juice and boil over high heat for 10 minutes, then dig a lid and simmer on low heat for 10 minutes.

The second variant of cooking soup with celery: all the vegetables and celery shinkuem, put in a pan, pour in three quarts of water and cook for 15 minutes.

To lose weight with celery, select the most suitable option for themselves cooking soup, and bravely continue with celery diet.
At 1 and 8 day should eat celery soup and any fruit except bananas.
At 2 and 9 day soup eaten with raw vegetables.
At 3 and 10 days and combine the soup with vegetables and dinner is permissible to eat boiled potatoes in their skins.
At 4 and 11 days to the soup adds three bananas and a liter of yogurt.
At 5 and 12 day eating soup, 200 grams. diet of boiled meat (beef, chicken, fish), a kilogram of tomatoes and drink about 2 liters of fluid.
At 6 and 13 days added to the soup vegetables and 300-400 grams of cooked lean beef or chicken.
At 7 and 14 day eating soup with vegetables with boiled brown rice.

How to lose weight quickly

Answer to the question "how fast lose weight" is based on the correct use of the liquid. Human fat cells is almost entirely composed of water, so the liquid plays a significant role in the process of losing weight. The day is recommended to drink 2-2,5 liters of crude, but filtered water, which will ensure proper metabolism in the body tissue of oxygen and enrich the "charge" of energy.

An interesting fact is that hunger is often also associated with lack of fluids. This feature can be used for weight loss. Only need to drink a glass of water 30 minutes before breakfast and 2 hours after dinner. Thus, drinking several glasses of water throughout the day, you provide the body with the right amount of liquid for a healthy metabolism that result will help to lose weight.
For the effectiveness of this method of losing weight in water, you can add a little pineapple or lemon juice - this will clear the walls of blood vessels, adhering to them fat. But do not forget about the excessive moisture in the body. This is bad - can increase sweating, swelling occur and appear in muscle fatigue.

The above mentioned diet to help lose weight quickly at home, but a diet is not enough. To actively burned fat can not be neglected even if the unit charging. Do sit-ups, pulling, kicking mahi, leg raises in supine position, a circular motion with his hands. Also do massage in those parts of the body where you want to burn fat. Thanks to the massage will increase blood flow, due to which fat cells are burned faster.

Despite the fact that to lose weight through diet, in fact, can be quickly lost kilos with this method of weight loss is usually sent back - in this quick weight loss minus.


Sea resources offer not just unscientific, but sometimes dangerous ways to lose weight, lose weight "Obzhirov", "without dieting and effort", etc. Why are there resources on the Net? Quite a certified gynecologists (and sometimes even endocrinologists) immediately appoint at 2 degrees of obesity drugs such as Meridia, Reduxine (sibratmina hydrochloride), and this is the most powerful agents of the central action, which often cause mood disorders and generally have a lot of contraindications. And certainly there are times when you need them, but then appoint such drugs to all, indiscriminately! And do not say anything about that, first of all you need to change your lifestyle, change their dietary habits. And do not say that after drug withdrawal weight can come back ...

The hunt for "suckers" continues, taking more and more sophisticated and sometimes naukopodobnye ways. We just do not see here: the selection of power "by blood" (actually, net platseboterapiya), and the development of "optimal" diet through questionnaires on the Internet (well, of course, not without sending two or three sms, cost from 499 to 800 rubles each), and one-time "coding" and other heresies, which are willing to buy fat, lazy, and believe in the miracle of people.

So can you actually lose weight once and for all, never again returning to the original high weight? And in general: how to lose weight?

The thing is that losing weight and not have to! Need stroynet! Become a happy, harmonious, healthy, to acquire healthy eating habits. And it's not a play on words and verbiage. In our words, lies the very force that is too much influence on our life, to ignore. How often I hear people say: I want to lose weight. Always ask: wallet does not want to lose? Some look like a madman, totally unable to understand what I mean. And I say to truly "magical" effect of the words in our subconscious. After all, it captures not only the meaning of the whole phrase, but also the meaning of each word. That is why the words: lose weight, lose weight - should be forbidden words for those who want to achieve sustainable results, not temporary.

Linguistics - the great thing, and the whole direction of therapy is based on the impact of words on the subconscious (NLP), but, of course, for postroyneniya little. What you need more? State of love. Not necessarily in someone, even the best - in themselves. Love must be genuine and not counterfeit. Love yourself just a meal - and crime and a sin. Around us so much pleasure, and life is all just one. Need to break away from your refrigerator and kitchen and see the world in all its diversity, to give a "magic Pendel and pull itself finally in the theater or concert (mind you, do not hang in the cupboard!), Take a ticket to the movies, or buy skates and go with your child to the rink (and you often spend time together?), or all together to take "sortie" in bowling.

Options - weight! It would be a desire to begin to produce serotonin with healthy treats. Do fat people also formed a vicious circle - zazhevyvanie problems disregard for themselves leads to elaboration of only one way of having fun - through food, which leads to the formation of excess weight. But by itself overweight is the cause of many complexes that make the healthy pleasures available. Here and there remains only that there is ... "Love" a cake or greasy food.

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Why do not diet

So what we have in the bottom line? Comfortable weight loss "without exhausting diets and fasting." Is a prescription weight loss found? Unfortunately, no. Real weight is down by about 5%, which is in absolute terms by about 4,5 - 5,5 kg. But when switching to "normal" food - everything (in terms of weight) back to square one.

The main drawback of all these short-term dietary courses that they are a person "give a fish, rather than to teach her to catch." And it turns out that the passage of time and typing, all that was lost during a diet, man ceases to believe in himself, he has a feeling of guilt for being unable to "maintain weight" lost faith in the success, and he begins to "jump" from one diet to another. And so on to infinity. A mistake in the approach: short-term diet gives short-term results. So what is it that giperproteinovye diet FitWell and Evrodiet "useless? Not quite.

For example, they are very good even when you do not have the opportunity to organize a proper diet (trip, train) or there is a need to give a strong impetus for the initiation of weight loss with further power settings. Ie These temporary (and permanent, they can not be by definition) a diet designed to address short-term problem and can not be an independent means of weight reduction and stabilization. In addition, there are cheaper, but no less effective alternative giperproteinovogo fortified food and sports serum proteins. Using them as a substitute for 1 - 2 meals and (or) eating in front of the main reception can be achieved is not the worst results. True, this requires some special knowledge and skills


This method of correcting weight under medical supervision, using low-calorie foods with high protein content. Foods contain vitamins, minerals and fatty acids in adequate quantities. Group of Companies Evrodiet "began its history in France in 1987 with the creation of the company Insudiet physician Bernardo Pinon.

The method is based on three basic principles:

personalized approach to nutrition
behavioral modification necessary to deal with violations of the Food
medical surveillance, which is necessary to consolidate the results over time
The Company does not skimp on the range of dietary products (total 41 species) - is soups, desserts and cocktails, pies, omelets, desserts, hot drinks and cakes, slabs, pasta with high protein content. Such abundance, according to the producers, makes dieting easier and more enjoyable. Bribes and no problems with cooking food: products aimed at people a lot of work and travel that can not afford to spend much time cooking. All products are "Evrodiet" clinically tested at the Institute of Nutrition of Russia, officially authorized and certified by the Ministry of Health.

Delivery of products are made only by prescription.

ALL d working in this company have been trained and received certificates entitling them to practice Evrodiety Cons. Course hours for 40 days. In case of violation of the diet have to start again another 40 days. Does not give the feeling of satiety and has poor flavoring.